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An all-time high! 

Is it real? Is it real? 

Throwback tunes. Heard it on 8tracks.

Fasterst internet speed I’ve seen in a while! And no place other than our own home, which used to almost always give us less than 20 kbps every time. I wonder what happened? :))

Cleaning up my desktop, and I stumble upon a tumblr post that I forgot to put up here. Here it is. This was last summer, when my family and I went to Kultura Splash wave, when we were bald. //


mountain climbing

angel’s game

My family and I went to Kultura Splash Wave yesterday, a resort which boasts of numerous pools, towering, steep and spiraling slides and adrenaline-inducing activities such as ziplining, skywalking and wall climbing.

A day and a few hours before, we were deciding whether to go to Pugad adventure, a nearby tourist attraction, or Kultura Splash Wave. Although the former has longer zipline cables fixed at higher heights, I figured that their three pools wouldn’t keep us busy for the rest of the day after the thirty minute zipline rides, not to mention the other exclusively priced activities such as  target-shooting, ATV rides, wall climbing and rappeling. I think we made the right decision in choosing the resort over the adventure-filled Pugad Adventure.

It wasn’t as hot as we expected when we arrived there. We spent the first few minutes testing the dolphin pools (shaped like the animals from a bird’s eye view, with a fountain vivaciously bursting with water at the middle, nothingmore) and the water factory (kiddie pool) while waiting for the wave pool, which seemed to be prided by the resort, to be activated. We were also waiting for the slides waters to run, which the staff announced would be opened just after the first wave pool activation. 

The wave pool and slides were my favorite attractions in the resort. The wave pool was activated every hour or every thirty minutes. It was exhilirating to be carried by the artificial waves, a continuous surge of crests and troughs. It was fun to jump when the wave reaches its peak, positioning yourself in a horizontal position, akin to superman, and then experiencing the immediate drop as the wave moves past you. 

When the wave pool was dormant, the slides kept us preoccupied. There were three slides and each had it’s own purpose. There were two extremely steep slides that would have sent you plunging into the water in less than three seconds. There were two spiraling slides, one which simply had three loops, and another one with an enormous in-between cauldron-shaped chamber two slides. The sliding experience was amazing. 

When we weren’t busy sliding or attempting tricks at the wave pool, our gadgets kept us busy. Much of the afternoon was spent playing 4 pics 1 word, with an occasional break when they opened the wave pool.

I was also able to try my hand at wall climbing, but it was such a great experience that it deserves its own post. 

I’m glad that we were able to spend one day of the summer in the confines of this beautiful, fun resort. I wouldn’t mind going back to this place again. :) 

Thank You Lord for this summer gift. :)

Even just the prospect of planning excites me! 

A related study! Although dated:

But a new study suggests it’s this period—the anticipation of a trip—rather than the trip itself that matters most, and that the actual vacation does little to influence one’s happiness.

More details here:

Started watching this on the way home, and upon arrival. Amazing series! 

Sherlock’s deductive skills are extraordinary! An enigma of it’s own right! How does he do it?!

Benedict Cumberbatch also does a good job of playing an obsessive - compulsive, genius, consultant detective. 

And Dr. Watson! The perfect partner for Holmes. 

The only disappointment in this series is that…there aren’t enough in a year.


I wish I could tell my mother not to worry too much. It stresses me out too. Just hearing the tone of her voice sends my cortisol levels rising. I think it’s natural for a parent to worry, but there’s a difference between composing yourself while worrying and sounding hysterical over the phone.

It drives me crazy.

Putting this up here for future reference.











Better You

All of us need this don’t even lie

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