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Such an eventful day.

Made new friends and strengthened old friendships.

Sarah invited me two days ago to “jam” with her, Butch and Blessie.
I obliged one day later. We spent the latter part of the afternoon singing songs from the top of our heads, from Sar’s compilation of guitar tablatures and Butch and Ian’s playlists. Some of my favorites included :

-This Side by Nickel Creek
- Lego House by Ed Sheeran
- The Remedy by Jason Mraz
- Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson
- Domino by Jessie J
- Absolutely (Story of a Girl) by Nine Days
- This Love by Maroon 5
- Fast Car by Tracy Chapman

Among others…

After which Ian treated us to Kenny Roger’s! And we played truth or truth!

Other blessings for the day include enrolling myself, finding out I won’t have to make-up for IM or Surgery, and fixing a personal problem with a friend.


To more “jamming” sessions! ( referably not in public hehe)

Grateful! Wooohooo!

Classic by MKTO. 

High school vibes. So nostalgic. Thanks to Aimee for sharing this! 

Baby you’re so classic. 

All of Me - John Legend

My head’s underwater but I’m breathing fire.

Day 4.

Learned about Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and Approach to MSK and Articular disorders. I guess this counts as a blessing. Haha.

My mother said my father also got me a watch. Hooray

But what made me more excited, just a few minutes ago, was accidentally tweaking with the GarageBand on the iPad. I figured out how to superimpose tracks! Haha!

Jack Johnson - Better Together

Haven’t jumped on the 100daysofhappiness bandwagon yet, but if I had, this would definitely be there.

Such a good feel good song.

Burn - Ellie Goulding

Game ot Thrones Theme - Sungha Jung


Galing ni Bamboo!

The A Team - by Ed Sheeran, covered by Bamboo Manalac

Hurricane - Parachute